Open your eyes!

See Palestine through our eyes, a new way to MEET PALESTINE

We believe in the beauty of Palestine, we believe you’ll experience it too! Such beauty can be shown through different angles, and can be inspiring in so many ways for people all around the globe. We carry our deepest respect for our heritage, the same way we believe in the Palestinian ambition and future. Our culture is our identity, and we cheerfully aim at helping you explore different aspects of it.

Located in Bethlehem, we work with different producers and artists throughout the country. We work with cooperatives, individuals, men, women, groups, designers, writers, musicians, carvers, small businesses, beautiful minds altogether… We follow our heart in choosing the kind of experience we are promoting and putting on the table here.

We believe in fair trade for all, and in our role to implement its principles throughout our work.

Wherever you are in this world, Meet Palestine is a way to know more, a way to be more involved. Our work is our way to chase our passion, and to fulfill your cravings too.

Meet Palestine, by Palestinians, for Palestinians

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